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For Investigators: QA Manual

 The QA Manual sets forth the Basic criteria to ensure compliance with regulations and policies. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document the implementation of Quality System.


QA Manual: Table of Contents
SOP 01: Control of Quality System Documentation
SOP 02: Internal Audits
SOP 03: Quality System Reviews
SOP 04: Corrective Action Plan to Audit Findings
SOP 05: Approval and Operations for Clinical Studies
SOP 06: Performance of Clinical Studies
SOP 07: Informed Consent
SOP 08: Pre-Study Requirements
SOP 09: Investigator Agreements with Sponsors
SOP 10: Clinical Research Coordinator Selection
SOP 11: Adverse Event Report Procedures
SOP 12: Data Management
SOP 13: Regulatory Documentation
SOP 14: Study Close Out Procedures
SOP 15: PI's Responsibilities and Qualifications
SOP 16: Misconduct of Scientific Research
SOP 17:  Research and Development Committee (VA Studies Only)
SOP 18: Subcommittee on Research Safety (VA Studies Only)
SOP 19: IACUC (VA Studies Only)
SOP 20: Research Involving Investigational Devices
SOP 21: Reporting of Adverse Events in Research to the Office of Research Oversight
SOP 22: Management of Research Data
SOP 23: Use of Computerized Records for Research Recruitment
SOP 24: Information and Data Protection
SOP 25: Scanning Informed Consent Documents and HIPAA Authorization into CPRS
SOP 26:  Without Compensation (WOC)
Appedix A: Investigator Self Audit
Appedix B: Regulatory Binder Template
Appedix C: Research Service Organizational Chart
GCPG: Good Clinical Practice Consolidated Guidelines
HRPP:  Human Research Protection Program
MOU: IRB Memorandum of Understanding
MOU-c-IRB:  VA Central IRB Memorandum of Understanding
QI vs Research:  How to Determine if Activity is Quality Improvement or Research

M. Rita I. Young, Ph.D.
Associate Chief of Staff for Research

E-mail:  rita.young@va.gov
Phone: (843) 789-6707;  Fax: (843) 876-5384
Research Service
Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center
109 Bee Street
Charleston, SC  29401


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