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Goose Creek Clinic

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VA/DoD Joint Ambulatory Care Clinic (JACC)


The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is pleased to announce that the Goose Creek Primary Care and Mental Health Clinic is now in its permanent home at the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station (previously known as the Naval Weapons Station Charleston), at 2418 NNPTC Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445. 

The new clinic was built as a joint venture with Naval Health Clinic Charleston and we are excited about the outstanding facilities and upgraded services it will provide for you, our Veterans.  Since the new clinic is located on Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station you will eventually have to be cleared by Base Security to get ‘regular’ access to the clinic.  Instructions for gaining ‘regular’ access to the clinic are explained below. 


Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Goose Creek Primary Care Clinic Gate Access

  1. At all times, all vehicle operators (cars, motorcycles, etc) on military installations must meet minimum state and base driving requirements by having a current driver’s license, proof of current vehicle registration and proof of vehicle insurance.
  2. If you are a Veteran that has a Department of Defense (DOD) ID card (reserve/retired military, or DOD dependent/DOD civilian employee) you can access the base and the clinic regularly with your current DOD ID card. DOD ID cards authorize you to escort personnel in your vehicle through the gate but they will be required to also show a picture ID such as a driver’s license if they are over age 16.
  3. If you are a Veteran that does not have a DOD ID card, present your Veteran ID Card or other picture ID (such as a driver’s license), AND also your VA appointment letter to the gate guard when arriving for your 1st appointment at the new clinic. If someone is with you, they will be required to also show a picture ID such as a driver’s license.
         a. At your 1st appointment please ask clinic staff for base access forms and try to complete them before or after your appointment and return them before departing the clinic.  This initiates the process to get a one year base badge.  Please allow time to complete this process since you must finish the full process within 7 days of your 1st appointment. Our staff will take the forms to base security and you will be notified when to come in once processed.
         b. Immediate family members (spouse, parent, or child over age 16) can apply for one year badges. Two more guests (extended family or other friend) can apply for one year guest badges to access the clinic but these two persons must have a letter from the VA stating their routine involvement in your care and transport. This letter can be provided to you at the time of your first visit to the clinic.
         c. You and the family members or friends that accompany you to the clinic must present the base badges to the gate guards at all times to be allowed onto the base for your appointments.  If any of you do not have a badge you will be diverted to the Visitor Control Center on base and may delay your appointment.
         d. Anyone outside of your family or guests that are in your vehicle and are over age 16 that does not have a badge will cause your party to be diverted to the Visitor Control Center on base and may delay your appointment.
         e. Application forms for you, your immediate family and your two guests will be available at the clinic and at the Visitor Control Center. Eventually we will have a location within the new clinic that can fully process gate access for you, your family and for your two authorized guests.  
    Both DOD ID cardholders and non-DOD ID card holders that plan to ride a motorcycle to appointments must meet minimum state and base requirements per #1 above and in addition, comply with the following in order to operate the motorcycle on DOD property : 
         a. You must wear a helmet.
         b. You must wear eye protection, either wraparound glasses or a helmet face shield. A windshield on the motorcycle does not meet the requirement.
         c. Your motorcycle must have left and right rearview mirrors
         d. You must wear long sleeve shirt or jacket and long trousers.
         e. You must wear full-fingered gloves while operating a motorcycle.
         f. You must wear shoes which provide protection to toes, feet and ankles while operating a motorcycle. Low-quarter sneakers, loafers, sandals are not allowed.
         g. You must wear a brightly colored or reflective outer garment while operating a motorcycle. Backpacks are allowed but must be reflective or brightly colored.
         h. You must complete the Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station motorcycle safety course only if you are a DOD ID card holder.


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2418 NNPTC Circle
Goose Creek, SC 29445

Phone & Fax

Phone: 843-577-5011
Fax: Not Available

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